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Staircase Fence / Safety Doorway Fence / Partition Door Fence Up (GREY)


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We care about the safety of your children forever.

1. UPGRADED DESIGN: Safer and more convenient to use and to protect your baby or pets away from any hazardous stairs and off-limits areas.

2. THE WIDTH IS ADJUSTABLE: It is designed to adjust to any door width Up To 54 inches (140 cm).Suitable for stairs, doors, hallway and More.

3. TOUGH, DURABLE & SOFT MESH: The mesh is tough enough to protect your baby or pet meanwhile the smooth surface of the PVC-coated mesh will not hurt children.

4. RETRACTABLE DESIGN & SAVING SPACE: When your current child is more than 2 years old, it can be removed, and the retractable design allows you to put it away in a small space for your future child to use.

5. ONE-HANDED OPERATION: It allows you to open and close while holding your child

6. EASY INSTALL: A template that determine the mounting hole position in printed on package, very easy to install.

7. MOVABLE: Each package contains 2 sets of mounting accessories. According to your need, gate can be easily moved and de-attached from the gate mount hardware, to stow away or move to another location where gate mounting brackets are installed.


1.Safety Retractable Baby Gates for Stairs Size: When fully opened: 55″ W x 35″ H / 140cm W x 92cm H.

Warm Tips: Please measure size of the place you want to install the baby gate, in case the size is not suitable.

2. Material: PVC-coated mesh.